Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roads and Honeysuckle

Things seem to be moving as far as getting better roads. The road grader was busy this morning on the road north of our hill, and we had a visit from the Rosebud County Roads Foreman who told us they will be working to get the roads in better shape. We will have new gravel on it by fall. He is sending a second grader to work on the road south.

It is a cloudy day but the temperature is a pleasant 72'. I am getting ready to leave for the Wyoming Writer's Conference in Cody, and at the moment seem to be running in circles with too much on my mind and no decision as to what to do first. I need to slow down and as Peter said this morning" Turn things over".

Daily Haiku

aroma so sweet
honeysuckle in flower
bees are in rapture

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