Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snow in Summer

Much has been happening in my life of late and my walking program went downhill for a few days. This morning I was up at 5.00 a.m so took the opportunity to go for an early morning walk. I had the mosquito spray in my pocket - but it was still cool and they did not bother me.
It felt good to be outdoors again and did wonders for my brain.
I noticed the cotton caught in the grasses by the side of the road - looking like a skift of snow.
The carp are jumping of late and make a big splash. Earlier this spring they were spawning for 2 days and what a wonderful sight - rolling over and over, their gold scales glinting in the sun.
Later I was treated to the sight of a fox crossing the road. He was thin and scrawny, so I called my neighbor with chickens to let her know that old Reynard was about. Reminded me of the french fable "Le Corbeau et Le Reynard" (The Crow and the Fox) that we had to memorize in French class in high school.
Daily Haiku
casually he strolls
tail held like flag at half mast
looking for chickens

1 comment:

  1. Pointed ears, thin snout,
    sleek body, bushy red tail.
    She saw the red fox.

    The fox is an exquisite animal that draws an exclamation from me every time I see one, which isn't all that often. I consider each sighting of a fox a gift.