Sunday, September 1, 2013

Autumn pulling on long strings

Hill House from 1/2 mile to the east - photo by Stephen Valentine III
Hill House ...west side
Hill House - south side
View from the sun porch looking south towards the village of Birney

Last three photos by Bruce Garber - Century 21 Real Estate

daily haiku

the start of autumn
hills turn to pink in the dawn
some things never change
daily haiku

temps hurtle downward
the bats have flown to the south
equinox on its way

There are many signs occurring that fall will be early this year. First the swallows left early. On my walk I could still call up three of them at Hanging Woman Bridge, but as of this week they too have flown away. Now there is not much Bat poop on the hood of my car (it resides in an open garage where they sleep) an indication that they too have gone south.

This morning I was awake at 2.30 and the temperature was 47' and falling while I took a break from sleeplessness at the computer. I was able to go back at 5.00 a.m. and sleep three more hours so I don't know the eventual *coolth, but I would estimate around 45'. I was able to sleep without the a/c unit clunking away in the background -such a pleasure.

The summer has been good; days in the 90's and rain off and on so we can't complain.  But this house has no shelter from the sun, so I while away the days running the a/c's and doing chores when it is cool enough.    After a bout of a fatigue syndrome early this summer, I have been convinced that it is not in my best interest to stay here even though it is my joy, heart, and soul.  I shall truly miss it. I have come to realize that I am entering a new phase of my life, that it might be rewarding and fun, and that does help. The house is up for sale and as of writing maybe almost sold before listing. I am also selling my office in town. It is my goal to die without owning any real estate to make things simpler for the children in dealing with my will. (In MT if you die without owning real estate you do not have probate).

So........The View From The Hill... blog, may come to an end. However I enjoy blogging so hope to create another new one before the end of this year by finding positives and some wildlife in a new home.

* a term invented by my friend, poet Midge Farmer

 House listing
Office listing


  1. Dear Chris, it does indeed seem that you have come to a crossroad and you are taking, perhaps, the path less traveled. I do hope that you will come to my blog and leave a comment when you begin your new blog. Then I'll be able to find you. Peace.

    1. I will certainly do that, Dee. It won't be for a while yet.

    2. Dear Chris, thanks. Peace.