Monday, May 27, 2013

And then there was rain........

daily haiku
open the windows
let in afterstorm cool air
a new storm comes in
We did have rain right after I blogged yesterday! We had a severe thunderstorm come in and it dropped 4/10 ths of rain overnight. Thunder, lightning and rain and tornado warnings for our county - fortunately none locally.

This morning I opened up the house to let the cool air in and another storm rolled up with lightning, thunder, hail, and rain that dropped 2/10 ths.  So we've had a half inch in the last 24 hrs - wonderful. Now the furnace is running to bring the house up to a decent temperature! The joys of spring in Montana.

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  1. Dear Chris, I've been away from reading and commenting on blog for several weeks and so I've missed your last two postings. I'm relieved to learn that you got some rain in May in Montana. I hope you've had some June rain also. The forest fires in Colorado are horrendous. I'm wondering if the same tragedy is happening in Montana. Peace.