Friday, September 28, 2012

The Gift of Vision

daily haiku
trees are becoming
a river of gold reaching
from mountains to me

The photos don't do the trees justice - too much haze either due to fire or dust - I am not sure which. They are at their peak right now but are beginning to lose leaves mostly due to death from drought.

Yesterday I was with my friend Bruce.  As I parked the car in the parking lot he said,"Why don't you park over there in the shade?" I looked and there was a shady place under a tree. I moved the car and then laughed and told him - "Bruce, it takes a blind person to see things sometimes!" With his disability, Bruce could see what I did not.  Light and shadow. My mind was already in the store searching for the product I wanted to buy.

Often I allow my mind to get ahead of the present and miss something that is beautiful or interesting that is close to me.  I remember when I first started working at the Detox in Lame Deer. So many tasks to do and not many people to help.  My friend Harold Fisher would say to me, "Slow down, Christine, slow down!"  So I would take time to sit and chat with him and have never regretted it. My first husband often said, "It'll still be there tomorrow."  So very true. 

I finally finished a task which I did not attack hammer and tongs, but I did have a vision in mind. The guestroom was full of junk and many, many books belonging to my husband. I just could not face sorting it out - it was too overwhelming. Then I read in my daily Guideposts about using ten minute increments to work on a project - anyone can manage ten minutes a day. So I started, and once started I kept at it a bit at a time until this week I have a clean, tidy and pleasant guest room - the vision.  Books were mailed and donated; old technology taken to the dump - no recycling plant in Birney; I parted with years and years of magazines that I had to admit I had not re-read in at least 5 years; family history papers were mailed to the children who hopefully will pass them on to the next generation.

Last week I was diagnosed with a new health problem. It was frightening, caused me to panic for a while. But I remembered my 12 step program and it helped me to get calm again, and now I have a new vision - me as a healthy old lady!  Thanks to Bruce for his gift of "special" sight.


  1. Chris, you will never be an old lady. Perhaps a wonderful woman and friend in a well used body that's been around for a while, but never an old lady.

    Love the haiku. That river of gold is a wonderful metaphor for our lives. And some deaths do happen along the way due to drought or sickness. But it is still a river of gold.

  2. What a beautiful last comment Art - thank you! Indeed, it is a river of gold.

  3. Dear Chris, I hope your health problem resolves itself and that you will be able to live a long and hearty life bringing the enjoyment of your blog and your photographs to us for years to come. I so like your haikus.

    And yes, I know what you mean about your mind always racing ahead to the next thing and not noticing the NOW. The Buddhists talk about living in the moment. That's what I try to do, but oh, it's hard! Peace.

  4. A racing mind is what is sometimes needed but at others not so much. Learning the balance is what you have accepted wisely. Keep looking for those hard to see things. The fog will lift when it's the right time.
    May you vision bring you to a better place.
    Haiku is lovely.